Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

visual arts

Visual Arts events


Activist Posters

A curated exhibition of activist posters, by contemporary artists who expressed interest in the program, exploring current local, national and global issues.

Gayle Stockley hands over her poster

Gayle Stockley hands over her poster

Posters by Greg Sugden, Tara Bromham, Michael Gill, Christine Payne, Bohie Palacek, and Gayle Stockley explore issues such as food security, oil dependence, people in uniform usurping power.

The exhibition will hang in the National Theatre, a major venue for the duration of the festival, and it is anticipated that the body of work will travel to other venues during 2013.

Megalomania launch

The opening will include the launching of the recent book Megolomania Alison alder, Director of Megalo Studio, Canberra.  It is a collection of archival posters printed at Megalo.  National Theatre.

Activist Archival Material

Banners from past activist campaigns,  also be to be shown in the National Theatre.

Opening Friday 6.30 – 7.30 pm.


Canberra Sorry Day Photographs

By renowned Canberra photographer Adam McGrath of Hcreations.  We wish to advise that some of the images displayed are of people who are deceased.  Braidwood Library, Park Lane, Braidwood.


Jack Featherstone Retrospective

A retrospective exhibition by Braidwood painter and poet, Jack Featherstone, will open with a floor-talk by the artist.  See Indigenous listing.  Braidwood Community Arts Centre, opening Friday, 1.15-2.15 pm


School Activist Poster Exhibition

Students from Braidwood schools have been invited to participate in this activist poster exhibition. Students are producing an A3 or A2 sized poster using words and images, with the theme based on a current issue, social or environmental.  Left Hand Gallery.

Opening Friday 4:30 – 5.30pm.


Deadly Art Show – Indigenous Art

See Indigenous listing.  Altenburg and Co, Wallace Street Braidwood.  Opening Friday, 5.30-6.30 pm


Alphabet tree

Carving Text in Stone

Demonstration by Ian Marr, artist and lettercutter.

Ian is an artist interested in painting, lettercutting, teaching, travel and scholarship.

He uses ancient techniques to cut inscriptions in stone for public and private spaces.  Braidwood Community Art Centre, Saturday 11am – 1pm.


ZineFairSmallZine Fair

ZINESTERS ALERT.  Bring your Zines to share or sell.  If you have something to say, make a Zine and bring it to our Zine Fair to swap or sell.

What is a Zine?  Zines are independent publications made by individuals or small groups, about any subject at all.

To make a Zine you just need an idea and usually a photocopier to produce a few copies to share or sell.  But you can always make a one off Zine and bring it along to share.  A Zine could be about an issue you’re passionate about, a short story, quotes, pictures, jokes, poems, comics, anything at all.

Usually Zines are a mixture of graphics and text and often in black and white.

Zines are good.  Ryrie Park, Saturday 11am – 2pm.



Basket Weaving

With Donald Atkinson.  Limit 15 people, book at Festival Office.  Shirl’s Cafe, Saturday 12 – 3pm.





ReidWalkDetailFuel for the Fire

Kirsty Altenburg, discussing heritage conservation, Ella Ryan relating her experiences with street art and theatre in the Middle East, and John Reid demonstrating his unique way of connecting with Earth … and beyond.  National Theatre, Saturday 3pm – 4.30pm.

followed by

Festival Walk-Out … into the solar system

A walk out demonstration to show the government we are not into Geoscientific solutions to global warming, and a strong stand ( lie actually) to leave coal etc in the ground.

Solar System Walk is primarily an exercise in wonder. Disrupting your body’s familiarity with gravity provides the stimulus.  Led by John Reid. Ryrie Park, 4.30-ish.