Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …


Some things are too exciting to fit in a box.


Forum: Activism in the Digital Age.

Panel Discussion with Song

In keeping with the 2013 theme of Fanning the Flames of Arts and Activism, we present the forum Activism in the Digital Age. Things are moving fast, and ways of expressing activism are now very different from not so many years ago.  Judith Wright was an activist from the 1950’s, in such different times!

We will hear the experiences, aspirations and ambitions of people currently involved with online activism, with its huge and fast-growing impact on many people, many issues, and in bringing about significant change. We will hear first hand about the power (and challenges) of good media to influence for change and the betterment of our society, as National Indigenous Television (NITV) has recently gone free to air:  “awakening & uniting through sharing & celebrating the unique experiences & imagination of Australia’s first peoples”.  And we will hear how extraordinarily effective a highly motivated and talented young activist can be in these times.

Speakers are Michelle Shackleton (AVAAZ), Erin McCallum (GetUp), Susan Moylan-Coombs (NITV) and Amelia Telford (young indigenous activist)

The session begins with songs from Ecopella, as they share their positive and satirical messages with music


National Theatre, Saturday 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


Forum: The Candidates – free and open, all welcome

Candidates for our famous bell-wether Federal seat of Eden-Monaro will address discussion points pre-supplied, then take questions from the floor for a limited time.  We know it’s on for September 14th, so come, be informed and be entertained.
Dr Mike Kelly, sitting ALP Member for Eden Monaro since 2007

Dr Peter Hendy, Liberal Party adviser and recently preselected candidate

Ms Catherine Moore, running as the Greens candidate for this seat for the second time

Facilitated by Dr Donna Hazell.

National Theatre, Saturday 1-2.30 pm


Amala Groom

Amala Groom

Indigenous Poets FIRED UP

In an essay published in 1975 called “The voice of the Aboriginals”, Judith Wright wrote of the “bitter and tragic” story of Australia’s indigenous people “since the white invasion”.

She had an understanding way ahead of her times of the impact of dispossession and disconnection on these First Australians, and a keen interest in their early writings from and about these experiences.

The first book of poems by an Aboriginal, published in 1964, was by Kath Walker (later known as Oodgeroo Noonuccal). Judith wrote: “Through her verse, her success, and her own personality and influence, Kath Walker largely set off the movement towards pride and independence…(and) her voice was and is of enormous importance”.

There were very few aboriginal writers and poets back in 1975. It is a wonderfully different story now, in 2013!

In this session an exciting group of contemporary indigenous poets will perform their work, in a sense carrying on the legacy of earlier times.

We will hear award-winning poetry, and we will hear an emerging poet reciting her first work. Bush slam poetry, performance poetry. We will be enthralled, amazed, moved, maybe angered and outraged, as these contemporary poets connect us with what is important to them, through the power of their extraordinary verse.

Fiery, fierce and funny, words of passion, rhythm and intimacy.  Amala Groom, Lorna Munroe, Jenni Kemarre-Martiniello, Lyndy Delian, Marcelle Churchill, Samantha Faulkner, Jenny Dries, Michelle Bedford, Joyce Graham, speaking and performing. Merrie Hamilton MC.

St. Bede’s Hall, Saturday, 2.30-4.30 pm