Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Wynlen House market gardens

Wynlen House Garden

Tour with Bronwyn Richards

Bronwyn Richards and her partner Helen Lynch operate Wynlen House – a small “urban farm” and market garden within Braidwood town. Wynlen House produces vegetables, eggs, meat and other products for sale to the local community from a small space, and with much love, clocking up Food Metres rather than Food Miles.

Bronwyn takes us on a tour of the garden, firing your imagination, answering your questions as we go, and giving her view of life from the garden, her reasons for starting up the market garden, and perhaps a little how-to on the way for those visitors who’d like to get started themselves but haven’t got round to it yet. This is a cool climate garden in the full flourish of the Autumn bounty with the last of the Summer crops being harvested and preparations for Winter well underway. Sadly, we will not be able to meet the Christmas Turkeys but we will see what the other animals have to say!

In all our gardens, each living being, animal or plant, lives in harmony with each other, taking and giving as required – when it is in its balance, it benefits all the species. A sustainable system is one which, big or small, provides for itself and maximises fertility and the result is a bounty for the gardener to enjoy – with a little left for the wild creatures who invite themselves along and make their contribution. See and learn how to eat and live well and feed others without costing the earth. With 35% of an average non-gardener’s carbon emissions caused by artificial fertilisation, harvesting, packaging, refrigeration and transportation of their food, it’s easy to see how we can all take action to bring this number right down to earth.

Tour lasts approximately one hour.

Please note that there will be a lunch of Wynlen House produce to immediately follow the tour, for the first to book (seperately). There will be a MAXIMUM of 12 places for lunch – to have the full fork-to-fork experience, visit the Eat At Wynlen House page, as we are now taking bookings online.