Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

words in many ways

Words Served in Many Ways

Literature in various forms.  Prose and poetry, word displays and word plays.  Words viewed, heard, discussed, spoken, performed and slammed.


Lorna Munro


Words in Windows on Wallace

From forged fonts to woolly words, silly scripts to sublime sonnets. Wordplay in action with universal appeal, Wallace Street will be the wordsmiths’ playground.
Expect the unexpected!  Artists use any available materials to create text that reflects the themes and aspirations of the Festival.
An open project from the local community, which will be displayed in shop windows in Braidwood’s main street.


Book launch – Crucible by Jack McKinney

Jack McKinney’s novel Crucible, recently republished, will be launched by Barbara Blackman, with readings by Auguste Blackman.  Set in the First World War, the novel recounts the coming of age of a sensitive young Australian soldier on the Western Front. It won the RSL Prize for an Australian War Novel when it was first published in 1935.  Jack McKinney was Judith Wright’s partner of “equal heart and mind”.

Library, Friday 4.45 – 5.30


The Literature of Change – Writing the Australian Identity

Contemporary Australian writers and commentators discuss their work and the diverse ways that literature reflects and promotes change in Australian society. A fun and alternative glimpse of the writings of some of Australia’s most interesting academics, commentators and authors.  Panellists include Gabrielle Carey, Tony Moore, Julian Davies.

St. Bede’s Hall, Saturday 12:30-2 pm


Indigenous Poets FIRED UP

Performing and speaking.  Amala Groom, Lorna Munro, Jenni Kemarre-Martiniello, Lyndy Delian, Marcelle Churchill.  St. Bede’s Hall.  See Cross-Stream posting.

St. Bede’s Hall, Saturday 2:30-4:30 pm


What Ignites the Creative Spark?

An intimate conversation with poets Jeremy Nelson, Wendy McMahon-Bell & Adrienne Johns in the comfy lounge area of The Serrated Tussock Café. Numbers limited to 25 people. This is not scheduled during a mealtime, and is more of an afternoon tea session.

Serrated Tussock cafe, Saturday 2-3:30 pm


MeridithPoet’s Breakfast

Carrying on with the tradition of the Poets’ Breakfast, this year’s event will take place at the popular Albion Café on the corner of Wallace & Duncan Streets, on Sunday morning.
Invited regional poets include Geoff Page, Wendy McMahon-Bell, Adrienne Johns and John Foulcher.  Hosted by local poet/performer Vera Sapov.
Breakfast will be a limited menu @ $15 per head.  Space is limited to 46 inside the café although more people can sit on the verandahs. First in, best dressed!

Albion Cafe, Sunday 8-10 am