Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

2013 – The festival

Judith Wright (1915-2000)

Judith Wright (1915-2000)

The Two Fires Festival of Arts and Activism was established in 2005 to celebrate the legacy and inspiration of Judith Wright, poet, writer, environmentalist and activist for Indigenous rights.


The festival is held every two years in Braidwood, NSW where Judith Wright lived the last three decades of her life. The festival is gaining a reputation as perhaps unique in celebrating and promoting activism.  It presents a wide range of creative and intellectual offerings, indigenous celebrations, and environmental initiatives.


The Festival is organised loosely into four Streams: visual arts, poetry and performance, indigenous celebrations and environment, with many events crossing streams.  There are two main concerts, as well as music jams, busking, workshops, discussions, tours and competitions.


Braidwood, situated in a broad, picturesque valley of the Southern Tablelands, provides a relaxed, warm-hearted and intimate setting for the festival. In a world where  the push is often to make everything bigger and more dazzling, the Two Fires Festival takes pride in celebrating simplicity, renewed contact with land and community, strong Indigenous involvement, and artistic and intellectual vitality.