Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

2013 – film

Two Fires Activist Film Festival, sponsored by STARTS.

This free Film Festival venue is the Anglican Hall in Wilson St.


Two Fires Film Festival program

Friday April 12

7:40pm Film Festival launch (5m)

7:45 Liyarn Ngarn (68m)

8:55 Our Generation (74m)

10:10 update on the indigenous campaign against mining in Arnhem Land from Jeff Aschmann (10m)

10:20 The Apology to the Stolen Generations (30m)


Saturday April 13

10:00am At Edge (21m)

10:25 Twelve Canoes (67m)

11:35 Babakiueria (30m)

12:10 John Wolseley The Wallace Line (12m)

12:25 This woman is not a car (22m)


12:45 – 2:45pm intermission (political forum in National Theatre 1-2.30pm)


2:45 Waste not (26m)

3:15 Rivers of shame (31m)

3:50 State of siege (59m)

5:00 presentation by Tony Moore on his film Bohemian Rhapsody including film segment

5:40 Stuff – the drama of it all (seven short films) (1h10m)


6:50 – 10:30pm intermission/concert/dinner break


10:45pm Deep Green (57m)


Sunday April 14

Films for young people (10:00 – 11.35pm)

Change the World in Five Minutes (4m30s)

Gerald (5m)

Monsterboards (7m)

The cow who wanted to be a hamburger (5m50s)

Koori Story Exchange – Possums (6m) Kookaburras (11m) music clips (6m)

10:50 Truck farm (for all ages) (48m)

11.:40 Bag it (79m)

1:00 The yes Men fix the world (87m)


3:00 Festival closing ceremony in Ryrie Park






Our Generation – Land, Culture, Freedom

Made in 2010 by Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis, and promoted around the country by Jeff McMullen. Ground-breaking documentary on aboriginal rights told through voices of Yolngu people.

Twelve Canoes

12 stories from creation, first white men, up to current, from Arnhem Land.

The Apology to the Stolen Generations

made by Reconciliation Australia, narrated by Jack Thompson. An important and powerful record.

Liyarn Ngarn In the language of the Yawaru people, from the West Kimberly region around Broome, Liyarn Ngarn means ‘the coming together of our spirits’. This is a deeply emotional film about the racism that exists in Australia today, featuring the late British actor, Pete Postlethwaite, with the indigenous songwriter Archie Roach and Aboriginal leader Pat Dodson.


The mirror is held up to the colonisers and their attitudes to indigenous people in Geoffrey Atherden’s documentary-style satire made in made in 1986.


Deep Green

The deepening threats and costs of man-made global warming are more clear every day—and they will only get much, much worse with ‘business as usual.’ But how do we fix it? How do we stop global warming now? Filmmaker Matt Briggs embarks on a worldwide mission to uncover and integrate the best solutions into a way out. Find out for yourself why the Los Angeles Times calls Deep Green “a template” for getting off fossil fuels.”

Bag it

Follows “Everyman” Jeb Berrier as he embarks on a global tour to unravel our plastic world.

Truck Farm

Quirky take on growing your own backyard veggies when you don’t have a backyard – or anywhere – to grow them.

Waste not

An inspirational and positive look at Sydney’s waste, the people dealing with it and the people doing something else with it. From the Total Environment Centre.


State of Siege

From the Green Bans of the late 70s to the present, there has been a constant battle between the forces of conservation and development. This is Dennis Grosvenor’s powerful film on NSW Part 3A planning laws and the community campaigns to prevent the destruction of a suburb, with great archival footage. Part 3A has been abolished but the film is still just as relevant.

The Yes Men fix the world

The Yes Men trying increasingly daring ways of getting corporations like Dow Chemicals to face up to their responsibilities.

The Age of Stupid

A confronting assessment of where no action on climate change is taking us, as narrated by Pete Postlethwaite.

Rivers of shame

Made when Morris Iemma was NSW premier, this is a disturbing and graphic expose of the disastrous impacts of mining, looking at only seven of the more than fifty mine s approved at that time Disgraced minister Ian Macdonald explains in a voice-over that it wasn’t mining that polluted rivers and stopped flows. “Democracy is dead in Gloucester.”


At Edge

An experimental film by Solrun Hoass on the relationship between a leading Australian poet and her bush environment, made in 1978. Writer and activist Judith Wright at Edge, talking about the land etc

This woman is not a car

Made in 1982, the film features Margaret Dodds' ceramic Holdens. But it's much more than that...

John Wolseley

John Wolseley takes us through his 2001 installation. The Earth, evolution, extinction.

Stuff – the drama of it all

Seven short films by emerging film makers.


Change the World in Five Minutes

Australian school children come up with a great plan to do something every day of the week for sustainability. An uplifting and humorous film full of ideas.


A young boy decides to take on solving climate change. A child takes on the environmental woes of the world, looking for ways to reduce emissions by using his own,

The cow who wanted to be a hamburger

A quirky animation.


A whimsical film about a man in the Netherlands who makes amazing bodyboards out of recycled materials and decorates them. ”I really like little waves.”

Koori Story Exchange

The Koori Story Exchange project engaged over 35 young Aboriginal people from Cranebrook, near Penrith, in digital storytelling and hip-hop music production workshops over a series of months. The Showcase on September 22 at the Koolyangarra Aboriginal Child and Family Centre went off with performances and screenings not only from the youngsters but also their trainers who put together a rap to get things going. ABC Stateline came along to film the event which was aired on September 30 as well as interviews with trainers on Koori Radio and 2SER.