Two Fires Festival

Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

Two Fires Festival - Carrying the flame of Judith Wright's passions …

The Candidates

Braidwood, home of the Two Fires Festival, is nestled within the Federal seat of Eden-Monaro. The three currently known candidates contesting the seat in September will be featured in an entertaining and informative hour and a half of politics, policy and philosophy.

Sitting ALP Member for Eden Monaro since 2007, Dr Mike Kelly, will be joined by former Liberal Party adviser and recently preselected candidate Dr Peter Hendy, and Ms Catherine Moore, running as the Greens candidate for the seat for the second time. They will be joined by discussion facilitator Dr Donna Hazell.

The seat of Eden-Monaro is the notorious NSW “bellwether” seat, observed with fascination every Federal election as, for decades, the party that wins Eden-Monaro then goes on to win the election. Will that happen this time, or will the usual outcome be turned on its head? Political tragics of every stripe can rub shoulders with the Braidwood community and voters from around Eden-Monaro to find some answers to their questions, and to listen to the candidates’ views and plans for the area, and for the country, if their party is ultimately victorious.

Each candidate will make a short address to us about their candidacy, then a number of discussion points will be presented to the candidates by the organisers. The candidates will respond briefly in turn to each point in any way they wish. This is where the audience may flex their democratic muscles! Questions, comments and further discussion are invited from the audience to follow up each response.

While we are unfortunately not able to take off-the-cuff questions and comments from the audience on every matter of interest to them personally, we will be supplying a number of broad discussion points covering economics and growth, population and social policy, indigenous issues, agriculture, climate and future-proofing.  Within this framework, your views, comments and questions are an integral part of the event.

Join us at the National Theatre, Wallace Street, Braidwood on Saturday afternoon to get your political juices flowing, ask questions, meet the candidates, and have your say. The Forum is FREE to all comers, whether locals, festival-goers, or voters from elsewhere in Eden-Monaro. Don’t let September 14th happen without having your say at this Candidates’ Forum first!